Wine Tastings and Events

Passing on good practices and knowledge about the wine culture are important to us. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and love for the vine, wine and food culture!

We organize wine courses, wine gatherings and tastings to you personally, your business or for special events, from beginning to advanced wine lovers.

All courses can be given in Flemish, French, Spanish and English upon your preference.

We can organize the courses at your home or at a location of your choice.

For any further information about our wine courses, please check out our website.

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Wine Tasting


Learn about the basics of vine and wine making, learn to taste and how to identify distinguished wines for only 35 € 

  • +/- 3 hours 
  • For 6, 12, 18 or 24 pers.
  • Tasting 6 glasses of selected wines
  • Price: 35 EUR per pers. (ex. VAT)
  • Location: at your home, office, or location of your choice
  • Time: afternoon or evenings

  Expert Tasting

For wine lovers with basic knowledge who want to take it to the next level. You can choose either for:

    • Six sessions of each 3 hours (theory class + tasting)
    • Min 6 pers. Max 12 pers.
    • 6 tasting glasses of wine per session
    • Price: 180 EUR in total per pers. (ex. VAT)
    • Location: at your home, office, or venue
    • Date: on demand

       'A La Carte' Tasting

    Are you planning a business event, corporate team building, or a (family \ friend) celebration? We can tailor an adequate wine course, gathering, tasting or a package specific to your needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this further and hear about all our options.

    • From 6 pers. to max 50 pers.
    • Wines to be determined upon the event
    • Price: Fee to be determined for the whole group depending on the event and the required hours + cost of the wines to be determined (for the whole group)
    • Location: at a location of your choice (at your office, home, or another venue)
    • Date: on demand/any time

     Concept Tasting

    For wine lovers that want to elaborate their knowledge about a specific topic/theme: eg. Masterclass on grape varieties, winemaking aspect, concept of terroir, wine region, organic viticulture, ... (feel free to suggest the topic you want to learn about). 45 EUR \ class \ pers. excluding wine. The price for the wine served shall depend on the type of wine required to cover the topic.

    • +/- 3 hours
    • Min 6 pers. Max 8 pers.
    • Wines to be determined upon the topic. 8 wines in total
    • Price: 45 EUR \ class \ pers. (ex. VAT) + cost of the wines to be determined (for the whole group)
    • Location: at your home, or a location of your choice
    • Date: on demand